How do I apply for a grant to receive funds from The Bear Family Foundation? Simply download the online file and submit it before November 1st of the current year. It must be received by November 1 to be considered.

May I submit additional materials along with my downloaded request form for funding. How do I send them? You are welcome to submit additional materials; however, these items will not be returned.

My funding request does not fall under one or more of your requirements. How do I submit it? We do not accept any grants that fall under the non-funded category.

I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant? We do not provide funding to individuals. Projects submitted by a religious based organization that benefit those they serve may be considered.

I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant? The Bear Foundation does award grants to organizations with individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are able to fund your effort with an active 501 (c) (3) issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

How are the Bear Family Foundation and The Lewis Bear Company related? The Bear Family Foundation and the Lewis Bear Company are separate organizations. They each have independent approaches to charitable giving, along with individual giving from members of the Board of Directors.

When does the Bear Family Foundation hold its annual meeting? The annual Bear Family Foundation meeting takes place in November. Applications for grants must be post marked before November 1.

Any grant applications post marked or delivered after November 1, will NOT be considered for the December grant distribution process. You may choose to resubmit a new request for the following year, or we will hold your current grant request for the following calendar year.

When is the money awarded and distributed to the non profits. Organizations who are approved to receive funds from The Bear Family Foundation will be awarded those funds, via check, in full, by December 31 of the process year.

What if our organization needs a commitment from The Bear Family Foundation prior to the annual meeting? Submit your grant request at anytime during the calendar year, prior to November 1. Inform us if your grant requires attention and a financial commitment prior to the annual foundation meeting. Include specific dates and reasons for a need for an early commitment from The Bear Family Foundation. Funds WILL NOT be distributed before the distribution date at year end, even with an early acceptance agreement. Be sure your non profit has the ability to uphold its commitment to the organization without the specified direct funds prior to year end.

At times, the funds requested are part of a much larger fund drive. If the application is approved for a specific project within the organization, The  Bear Family Foundation restricts the money to be used towards the success of the project being considered.  Depending on purpose, the foundation may require a specific performance area for the funds.